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Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Challenge

Here are the first set of Holiday Challenges.  Remember to have fun and slow down this holiday season.

Challenge #1 Thanksgiving thankful tree.
Today while outside find a couple of sticks, a vase, some green floral foam, string, and fall colored paper.
Step 1 place the sticks in foam and the foam in the vase.  There you just made a tree now it needs colorful leaves.
Step 2 cut paper into small (but large enough to write on) peices.
Step 3 punch a hole in the paper and put a string on it.
Now you are ready to make a Thankful tree.   Everyday from Nov 1st- Thanksgiving day at dinner time (or the meal that your family chooses to sit together and eat) Go around the table and have each family member write on a piece of colored paper what they are Thankful for then hang on the tree. Little ones can just draw a picture.  When you are done you will have a full very colorful tree.

Ok so I am going to post the next two challenges just because these take a little time to do.

Challenge #2- Personized cards
Step 1 Make a list of family and friends that you plan to send cards and gifts to this year. 
Step 2 Now instead of just sending a generic card  why not make a card and send a letter to them that is tailored to the specfic person.  Do not type your letter write it in your own handwriting.  Unless your writting is really bad then please be kind and save your family and friends' eyesight.  They will appreciate it and not to mention the personalized letter and card.

Challenge #3 Homemade
Step 1 go back to the list you made and figure out who you are getting gifts for.
Step 2 This year instead of buying all their gifts from a store try making one of the gifts. Now this will take some thinking because you don't want to just make anything.  You want to make something that is personal to that person.  Hey if you are not crafty maybe you could cook, spend some time with the person, go to a craft show and look for ideas, basically chanel your inner creativity and think outside the box.

Please remember to get your kids involed in all the challenges.  This gives you the grand oppurinty to spend quilty time with your kids.