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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paths leading you to.....

Have you ever wondered if this would have been different or just if I would have been here instead of there would I have still meet this person or that person.

I was wondering this very question one day about myself and my husband after we had been talking about the past.

In order for you the reader to better understand why I would wonder such a thought let me step back a few years ago.

First step- I was adopted as a baby.  Now if I hadn’t been and stayed with my biological family would I have still met my husband?  As I sat there thinking about that and thinking well only God knows that answer.

Second step- I met my biological family back in 2001 and have stayed in touch in some way or another with them over these past few years.

Now we come back to present time.  It was about Christmas time 2010 and while out on good old Facebook a post from my biological sister  popped up on the home page.  When it did  I noticed a person’s name that I thought for sure it can’t not be, oh but it was.  It happened to be my husband’s cousin’s son that was Facebook friends with my sister.  So of course I message my sister and she explains to me how she knows him and we all just say “Wow what a small world it is.”

Now forward to July 2011 and my sister once again posted something.  I see someone with the same last name that I would have had if I had not been adopted.  I wonder who it is and with a click I message my sister and ask, and she tells me who it is.  This person is a cousin of ours.  I notice though that we have a person in common as a friend on Facebook.  It happens to be a college friends wife of my husband.  Once again this person leads me back to my husband.

So this is a path that I definitely am willing to leave unknown.   It was shown to me at two different times how a biological relative’s friend led me right back to my husband and his family and friends.  With this I believe God took any path that I went down and led it straight to my husband.

I leave you with this to ponder: Have you ever noticed what a small world we live in?  If you would have just did one thing differently would you have ever met the people in your life today?

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