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Saturday, July 9, 2011

TV Free Houshold

We are not a family that buys into the notion that TV will hurt a child's development by watching it or too much of it.
Our 7yr old is proof of that, Iowa test at 100% ranking and accelerated in every subject.  Well rounded child socially and academically.
However when we notice as they get older that they stop playing with toys, stop communicating and being social and wanting to go outside and play just so they can watch TV all day.  While summer can be hot out during the hours of 12-3 we still could be out before and after that time.
Unfortunately we find ourselves getting up late (because we stayed up late the night before watching TV) and all day watched TV.  It seemed to be making us more tired than if we were physically active, not to mention the eating habits are different(snacking all day) instead of real meals.  You can't even think about exercising, you're just too tired because of the lack of movement and the sugar spikes from all the low grade food you have been eating.
So with all this information gathered what is a family to do?  Do you continue on this path of TV , no socializing, and movement? Or do you go against society (who which by the way will think you are nuts, along with the cable company pressures of making you feel like you are a bad parent and will be endangering your child because how will you know when a violent storm is coming.) and go down that unknown path of a no TV household?
Well after many years of many attempts our family took the plunge and deviated from the path of TV to the unknown path of no TV.
So far we have been doing well. The kids had a hard time at first, but then re-discovered the family games.  I don't mean techno games either.  I mean those old board games the we all used to grow up on.
In two days the kids learned how to buy and sell property, the value of money just from a board game.  We also gained in one day a 6 hr family time. Oh how the time flies by.  We didn't even notice that is was way past dinner time.  We hadn't wanted to snack, we would take a couple of breaks to walk around, but we were together.
For the rest of the week we were outside playing in the yard and making sure our yard was kept up and watered.  We went to the beach a few times and the kids are closer to swimming on their own, and yes mommy is closer to be willing to swim in a lake.
The kids so far really don't mind that the TV is gone.
As far as keeping up with what is going on in the news,  I have great news - you can read it on the Internet at your own convenience.  While on there check out the weather.  If you forget , well while outside look at the sky and you'll see it coming.
Some may say this is OK for summer months but what in the world are you going to do for those winter months here in Michigan?  I say to them and admit it will be a challenge and unknown path, but we can spend time playing games, crafts, cleaning the house, cooking (from scratch), reading, writing, and the old school stuff that bring families closer together.
In all this is an unknown path that I and my husband and family are willing to embrace just to be closer together and I forgot to mention even closer to God. 
So I leave you with this: What path will you choose to take in order to have a more close-knit family?  Will you be willing to take the unknown path?