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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful Decorations Kid style

I had the opportunity to spend the day with my little Kindergartner this week and celebrated with the whole class at their Thanksgiving feast.

As I sat there watching the kids go from each station to do a craft or play a game I was thinking about how wonderfully decorated my house was going to be for Thanksgiving.

Here is the challenge as if you need to add to that to do list for this week.  If you are finding that you need more decorations here are a few quick craft ideas that can involve the kids.  Maybe you can even incorporate this into Thanksgiving day when you have all those kids running around and getting bored.

1st Craft Turkey Pine cones- Joanns has directions under (critter pine cones)

2nd Craft thumbprint corn- you will need a paper grocery bag (cut out four  small husk ), white paper (cut out in the shape of corn cob, ink pads, glue, and of course your thumb. 
Now your ready to stamp your thumbprint all over the corn cob, once you fill the paper then add two of the husk to the back and the other two to the front. Then roll down the husk and there you have corn.

3rd Craft Thankful cross-  White paper and foam leaf stickers.  Have the kids decorate the cross with the leafs and then in the middle put a green square that says "Give Thanks"

Remember to have fun and this is a great time during the making of the crafts to spend talking to your kids about giving thanks.


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